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RELEASE DATE: 03/05/2020

Hero’s Baby

Aubrey Wright

She never told me we had a kid…
And for good reason.
When I returned from war, I was a [email protected] savage.

It all started with a note from a kid I’d never met.
He claims to be my son, from the only woman I’d ever loved.
The woman who gave me her virginity and her heart.

But war has a way of turning hearts to stone.
And this woman deserves better than the likes of me.

Want me to hunt down a bad guy? Roger.
Want me to be a father? Yikes.

But when I see little mama for the first time.
Walking hand in hand with my boy…
My heart does a backflip.

The past hasn’t been kind.
The future, uncertain.
I have two weeks before I need to leave again.
Can I really come home and play Daddy?


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