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RELEASE DATE: 03/14/2020

Hot Surprise

Suzanne Hart

My hot billionaire boss needs an heir to his empire,
And I need to ditch my v-card.
That totally forbidden one night we shared just ended in one too many O’s.
Oh yes! Oh baby! Oh SH*T!

It was just an innocent dinner,
Bosses and secretaries have intimate dinners all the time, right?
One tiny detail…
Ours might have ended with my heels by his ears.

Can you blame me?
The way his eyes devour me,
I didn’t stand a chance,
And neither did my innocent panties.

The last thing I expected to see a few weeks later,
Two pink lines staring back at me,
And the reality that I’d fallen for a man,
That has zero interest in happily ever after.

As far as he’s concerned I’m just another business deal,
So I have two options…
#1. Tell him the truth and break my heart.
#2. Keep our baby a secret and RUN.

If you love an irresistible older-man-younger-woman romance, don’t miss this great office romance with twists. Hot Surprise is a full length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after.
Grab it today!


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