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RELEASE DATE: 12/03/2019


Melissa Haag

Most parents want their kids to grow up to be something respectable like a doctor or lawyer. My mom wants me to become a man-eating ho. I, Eliana Barchim, vow to never follow my mother’s footsteps.

Eliana’s determination to never be the succubus her mother wants her to be starts faltering when her mother unexpectedly interferes. It doesn’t help that a local shifter with a cute dimple is trying to help cheer Eliana up when her best and only friend leaves town. With her control slipping, Eliana resorts to something drastic to get rid of her mom.

However, Eliana’s fear of ruining the one person she can trust to stand by her side might be the thing that brings her carefully composed control to its knees. Nothing can withstand a starving succubus’s hunger.

Warning: Contains a reluctant succubus, a well-meaning mom who thinks monogamy is a dirty word, and a brownie who can’t stop touching himself. Recommended for mature teen readers and up.

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