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In Debt to the Cowboy

Natalie Dean

She thinks he’s a rich land shark come to steal her home and livelihood. He’s out to prove her wrong…

Silas Miller is going through life just doing what his Dad tells him to. What he’s best at—finding properties in poor neighborhoods to buy out, tear down, and make way for the rich to use. As a son in a billion-dollar ranch family, he sees nothing wrong with that.

Until he meets Theodora Parker, that is.

“Teddy” is a hard-scrabble, redheaded spitfire, helping run her adoptive daddy’s car repair shop. While she’s hard on the outside, she has a soft spot for the elderly and disadvantaged teens of her neighborhood. With a green thumb and a knack for nursing, she has a tender heart for taking care of those in need.

But a rich cowboy wearing a suit, one who wants to buy her shop and take away all she holds dear, well she has no time for him when his car breaks down. That is until her family is in trouble, and Silas might be the only one who can help…

Now Silas must decide if he will go against his family to do the right thing. He’s drawn to Teddy in a way he’s never felt before. Can she ever learn to trust him enough to give him a chance?


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