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RELEASE DATE: 07/16/2020

King of Nothing

Jacie Lennon

She’s the one thing he wants nothing—and everything—to do with.


I’m one of the kings at Almadale Prep.
I act the part, put on the mask, do my duty.
But lies and betrayal aren’t a game to me, no matter how well my fellow kings play.
So, when Landry arrives, invading my life and my thoughts, I try to forget her.
Forget her long brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and the patient way she breaks through my walls.
She gets under my skin, but my secrets make wanting her impossible.
My brothers hate her, and I should hate her too.
She threatens everything I’ve been working toward.

In my world, it’s hard to become a king … but easy to fall off the throne.


Moving across the country to attend the prestigious Almadale Prep for my senior year of school wasn’t in my plans.
Neither was gaining two new brothers and their friend as my personal tormentors.
They hate me on sight, and I have no idea why.
I try to steer clear of them, but that’s not so easy when Corbin’s moss-green eyes, magnetic touch, and seemingly hard facade keep me fascinated.
I shouldn’t let him take over my thoughts and my heart.
I shouldn’t be reeling when he pulls away just as fast.
He says I’m no good for him, but I might be exactly what he needs.

In this world, it’s hard to handle the kings … but easy to fall for one.

King of Nothing is a bully romance. It contains themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers.


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