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RELEASE DATE: 07/07/2020

Lethal Justice

India Kells & Maddie Wade

A gang war, police corruption, and a past they never knew they shared may steal their future.

Malco has it all, a home he built with his own two hands, a job he loves, and a family in the form of his colleagues at the Alliance Agency. When a friend comes to him for help finding some missing teenagers from the poorest areas of Miami, Malco finds himself drawn back into a world he’d thought he’d left behind when it took everything he loved from him—one of gangs and violence where only the strongest survive.

Frida has rebuilt her life, clawing her way up from a brutal past filled with bloodshed and betrayal. Now as one of the most gifted and sought-after lawyers in Miami, she is finally living the life she wants. When the police chief asks her to investigate a corruption case, she knows it will require her to dig into the depths of her past and stir up a hornets’ nest that could rip apart the very fabric of the justice system. What she doesn’t realize is that things are about to get deadly.

Running to the only people she trusts, Frida literally falls into Malco’s arms, the sexy former ranger who makes her body sing and her heart yearn for a future. They quickly realize their cases are linked and as they work them together secrets are revealed that may tear their fledgling relationship to shreds and change their lives forever.

Malco and Frida must confront their pasts and work together in a game of cat and mouse before bloodshed and violence erupts over Miami and more innocent lives are lost.


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