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New Release
RELEASE DATE: 10/22/2019

Long Road Home

Kate Stacy

For a man that has almost everything he’s ever wanted, meeting someone unexpected might change everything.

Drake Evans lives his life mile by mile. A troubled childhood made him crave freedom and the ability to live life on his terms. On eighteen wheels, he left his past behind him. Downside? Life on the road can be long and lonely. Relationships are difficult when you’re constantly moving. But something happens when Drake lays eyes on Hailee for the first time. Life on the road becomes less appealing when he starts to crave something entirely different.

When a girl leads a simple life in a small town, what does she do when everything falls apart?

Hailee Miller hasn’t had a horrible life. Sure, she’s been unlucky in love, but she has a loving family, an incredible group of friends, and the love of one little boy that stole her heart. Her misfortune spreads after a night of distraction turns to a night of devastation, leaving her feeling hopeless. Hailee’s luck changes when Drake comes into her life at just the right time. He gives her hope and has her questioning everything, especially her feelings.

Friendship was a given.
A relationship seemed inevitable.

But the road ahead is long.
Twists and turns.
Roadblocks and detours.
Navigating isn’t going to be easy.
Will their road come to an end…
Or will they find their way home?

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