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RELEASE DATE: 06/15/2020

Make Me Real

Petra J. Knox

In the City of Lights, I’m a shadow. I have no substance. I’m the whisper behind you that you think you heard. I’m the one that swallows your light like a black hole. You think you see me, but like my pop says, I’m just a puppet. A blip. Air. A thought gone by.

I’ll never be real.

But after twenty-four years of silently watching life in this city pass me by, I hunger for the one thing that beckons me like a lighthouse on a torrential sea: Blue. The girl with glitter eyes, a body spun of sin, and the only soul to make me feel. She terrifies me as much as tempts me… because I know she sees who I could be.

The urge to keep her for my own is strong.
So is the urge to destroy her.

**M/F Standalone Romance with a Happily Ever After, where things aren’t always what they seem**


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