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RELEASE DATE: 09/29/2020

Make You – An enemies to lovers college bully romance

MV Ellis

Loyalty tied us together, but love could tear us apart

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
We’ll work together, we’ll expose the truth
I’ll have his back, like he has mine
We’ve kept our secret for such a long time
At the end of the day, when we both fall
We’ll fight fire with fire, winner takes all
Our bond is strong, we’re close as can be
With you between us, can we be three?


A rose by another name, was I ever sweet?
When I’m scared can you hear my heart beat?
When I’m alone at night, can you hear my thoughts?
Can you feel my regret for all those taunts?
If I should die before I wake will you care?
Or dance on the grave you helped me make?
When I fall for you, I’ll fall hard and deep
Why do you make me tremble and weep?

Make You is the second in the Boys of Trinity Hall Duet, and is book 5 of the Boys of Trinity Hall series. This dark college bully romance should be preceded by reading Take You, which is the first book in the duet, and book 4 in the series. Neither book in the duet can be read without the other.

These two DARK and angsty books make up an inter-connected stand-alone story within the Boys of Trinity Hall Series, and therefore can be read without reading the previous explosive books. However, for the best reading experience, it is recommended to first read books 1-3,  starting with Break You.

These two DARK and angsty books are aimed at a 17+ audience, and contains content that might not be suitable for all audience

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