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RELEASE DATE: 06/29/2020

Making It Right

Helen Wilder

I fell quickly and deeply in love with Nicholas Moore.

He was my prince charming and I was ready for the happily ever after.

Only he taught me that fairy tales don’t exist.

That love and life can be cruel.

He wasn’t the person I thought he was when he kicked me out without warning while pregnant with his child just weeks away from our wedding day.

Now he’s back, begging to be forgiven. Regretting his actions and words.

He wants a second chance to put our family back together.

I can’t trust him.

I can’t trust him with my heart, even though it stills yearns for him after all these years.

The problem? Our daughter adores him and I would do just about anything to make her happy. Even if that means making the same mistake again.

Do I take the risk of getting another heart broken by the same man or tell him goodbye once and for all?


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