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RELEASE DATE: 04/20/2020

Mommy’s Little Killer

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Mommy’s Boy had not killed for five years. Detective Alvarez of the 43rd in the Bronx had lined up his suspects, but each of them had a more or less credible alibi and he was nowhere close to solving the case. Then the killings had stopped and the case went cold…

Then, five years later, he killed again. And this time the chief wants him caught and dealt with-for good.

So he calls in Stone and Dehan. This is one cold case which is hot and live. Because the clock is ticking and time is running out for the next girl who is going to be butchered.

But as they start to review Alvarez’ suspects, in particular Nelson Vargas of the Chupacabras gang, and the charismatic leader of the Church of Final Days, James Campbell, they begin to realize that Alvarez had overlooked one crucial possibility. A possibility that was going to cost lives…

And then Dehan made a discovery. A discovery that would change everything, forever…


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