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RELEASE DATE: 02/01/2020

Monster Awakened

Demi Dumond

Things are getting complicated, not to mention dangerous. I still have my sexy vampire. My wolf shifter is getting harder and harder to resist. And let’s just say the hot-as-hell fallen angel has burned me before. Will I fall for it again? Welcome back to Blood Moon Academy.
Funny thing. It turns out I am the girl from the prophecy. And no amount of running from it will change the fact that my magic is dark and powerful, and that I’m a freaking monster magnet. FML.
I think that the dragon in the forest has answers that I need. I want to use forbidden dark magic to turn him back into the student he once was. Everybody else thinks that’s a terrible idea. Stop cavorting with the monsters, they tell me. Good thing I’m not really the listening type.

Captive Monster is a why-choose romance with steam, humor, and monsters.


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