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RELEASE DATE: 04/02/2020


Courtney Lynn Rose

My name is Tyffani Hobbs, but everyone calls me Motormouth, and I’ve got a body count as big as my attitude with a bank account to match. A mercenary all my life, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. After the death of my mentor, I assemble a team to continue his work in protecting the citizens of Hollow Ridge. But The Lady Depot Club is about to bring a lot more trouble than some egotistical strippers.

In my line of work, love is the last thing I’m looking for. But that doesn’t stop the new club DJ from catching my eye. Chris “Preacher” Boseman is a walking wet dream . . . and despite trying to ignore his advances, I’ve got no problem getting on my knees to pray in front of this guy.

Even though I should be used to secrets, the one Preacher is keeping doesn’t just have the power to destroy us, but everything I’ve worked my life to build. When lines are drawn the truth comes tumbling out, everyone has to pick a side— but my choice might be the one that gets us all killed.


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