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RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2019

My Songbird

Savvi V

I’d made a life in the criminal underworld of the Vegas mob. That was no life for someone like her because she stirred up dark, dangerous desires only the devil would dare entertain.

Growing up in the dive bars of Little Havana taught me three invaluable lessons.
One . . . Men always lie.
Two . . . The lilt of my voice has the power to bring those damn men to their knees.
Three . . . Men always lie.
I learned from the best and honed my skills, but even I wasn’t immune to the allure of good looks, charm, and the strong family ties I craved. That naivety was a mistake.
Possibly the most monumental one of my life.
I was sucked into a brutal lie, then forced to run from one crime family straight to another in a desperate attempt to survive, but . . . what have I done?
Stepped right into the lion’s den.
Not only have I stumbled into the crosshairs of a sadistic serial killer–a psychopath whose hunting grounds are the gentlemen’s club where I sing–but the Kane family enforcer in charge of my security is maddening. Infuriating.
And oh, so delicious.
Tall, tatted, and silent, JD’s eyes speak a thousand sinful promises every time they rake over my body, driving me wild with lust and crumbling all my carefully crafted walls. The broody giant gives me a reason to trust–which could make him the most dangerous threat of all.

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