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RELEASE DATE: 11/27/2019

Nefarious Boys

Leia Thorne

My name is Sawyer Van Doren, and I’m hijacking this story. See, nice girls like Remi always win in the end. They get the guy, the friends, the crown, you name it–but it’s a total cliché, and aren’t you sick of clichés?

Why can’t the bad girl get her happily ever after, too?

It’s true I helped set Remi up to be destroyed. Toying with nice girls has always gotten my rocks off, but here’s a secret: Remi isn’t that nice. She has a dark side, and Gage just might be in danger from her.

How’s that for irony?

Here’s another secret: During the process of breaking down Remi, I’ve changed, I’ve grown–I’ve learned something about myself… I just might have a soft spot for the girl. And I just might be a little nice myself. I’ve fallen for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks (or financial territory), and I’m torn over my feelings for him and my loyalty to Gage Astor.

I guess the choice will depend on the ending. How will Gage and I reconcile what we’ve destroyed? How will a minor secret society amid an elite academy take on a major player in one of the most powerful societies in the world? Will the Broken Saints remain broken…or will we find a way to repair the damage?

I have two words for you: stay tuned. You haven’t seen anything yet

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