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RELEASE DATE: 04/12/2020


Conner Kressley & Rebecca Hamilton

There’s two rules in Neverland: Never grow up, and never surrender.

But Wendy doesn’t live in Neverland.

It’s Wendy Darling’s turn to ‘grow up,’ to find her place among the Corporation she calls home. And she’s ready to submit to the Change…until a discovery about her youngest brother Michael throws everything into chaos.

Michael is sick, which will render him ‘obsolete,’ a term Wendy has learned in her short life means death at the hands of Hook Industries. Now, days away from her transformation—an event that will rip away any care she has for protecting her little brother—Wendy must seek help from an urban legend she doesn’t believe in.

But Pann does exist. And he’s ready to show her that nothing is as it seems.

Before long, Wendy takes a leap of faith that entangles her fate with the handsome, auburn-haired man of legend. What happens, though, when it turns out he has secrets of his own?

The legendary tale of Peter Pann takes a dystopian twist that fans of Divergent are sure to love in PANN, the epic first book in the new young adult paranormal series, The Kingdom of the Lost.

Scroll up and one click to watch the legend take flight!


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