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RELEASE DATE: 07/17/2020


K.L. Savage

I’ve never known the calm before the storm.
The storm never leaves.
Thunder raging.
Lightning crashing.
With me right in the middle.

The worst storm hit when I was seventeen.
My girlfriend? Dead.
My daughter? Missing without a trace.
That broke me worse than thunder and lightning ever could.

Then the Ruthless Kings MC became my salvation.
The brotherhood turned a boy into a man.
Never knowing the beast within.
Or the storms that followed me everywhere.

Until her.
Melissa was the first storm that didn’t tear me apart.
She shocked my heart back to life.
She made me feel again.
She brought the calm.
But she reawakened the beast.

The beast remembers the guilt.
It remembers vengeance denied.
I wasn’t meant to move on.
Not now.
Not ever.

But Melissa is relentless.
She begs for my touch even when I push her away.

Like a moth to a flame, our nightmares tether us together.
I have to let go of my past to love her like she deserves.
I have to let go of them.

But the moment I’m there.
The moment I’m ready to be hers.
A new storm comes, but this one brings hope.

My daughter is alive.
It’ll take a war to get her back.
It’s my war, and I intend to wage it.

But no Ruthless King rides alone.


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