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RELEASE DATE: 05/26/2020

Rising Sun

Amanda Carol

The gods are testing Aria’s strength as a demigoddess to ensure that she’s ready to face her greatest trial. When Isabella appears to steal the weapon they’ve pinned their hopes on, she leaves behind a trail of destruction in her wake. Without the man she loves by her side, Aria is forced to navigate her way through the Underworld and come face-to-face with Hades, the devil himself, in a fight to preserve all that she holds dear to her heart.

The weight of the world rests on Hunter’s shoulders since he stepped up and became Alpha of the seven packs. All of the preparations, training, and hard work are about to be tested as they face their biggest battle yet. When a new god appears, putting the entire Compound at risk, Hunter finds himself facing death a lot sooner than he thought. Will they live to see the sun rise and stop their enemies once and for all, or will they succumb to the darkness unleashed upon them?


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