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RELEASE DATE: 03/17/2020

River in the Mountains

Leanne Davis

One day he met a girl.
Nothing unusual about that. Except he met her nearly at the top of a mountain.
She’s a mysterious woman, all alone in the mountains with her two horses and a dog, and she adamantly refuses to tell him any identifying facts about herself.
Including her name.
No matter how long he knows her.
Gage Sullivan plans to spend the month of August in the mountains in order to rebuild a hiking trail for the US Forest Service. Gage is instantly intrigued by the woman who calls herself, “V”. After spending weeks together, Gage suspects he knows her better than anyone.
By summer’s end she still refuses, despite the connection they forged, to reveal anything real about herself. He leaves her alone in the mountains with her grief and secrets, and goes back to being a father and caring for his daughter.
Until he sees her again, out of the mountains and by then, he knows exactly who she is… Violet Rydell.
Violet lost her fiancé in a tragic accident two years ago. She cannot accept his death, which keeps her in a frozen state of grief and hurt. Hiding quite literally in the mountains is her way of handling the anniversary of her trauma.
By chance she met Gage, but by choice she can’t stay away from him… but can the fantastic connection they established in the mountains survive and continue in their real lives?

****Warning: This book contains profanity, sex and mature content matter. Mature audiences ONLY.***


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