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Second Slice

J. T. Bishop

Madison Vickers is the prime suspect in the deaths of two men, one of whom is her abusive husband.
When the local sheriff brings in Detectives Daniels and Remalla to help with the case, Madison has to trust their investigation will go beyond her as the only suspect.
As troubled friends, a sad wife, and financially strapped husbands become potential murderers, Madison relies on her handsome attorney to see her through, but she must also confront the stranger who watches her from the woods and in her dreams, sending her strange messages.
Her survival depends on the two detectives, and a quirky woman with chunky jewelry who gives her long needed advice, and suggests the rabbit hole may be deeper than Madison realizes.
Will Madison crumble under the pressure and end up in prison for crimes she didn’t commit? Or will she find the strength to confront her demons, discover the truth, and bring a killer to justice?

Second Slice is book two in the Detectives Daniels and Remalla series. It can be read on its own but is best read after the first book in the series, First Cut.
Second Slice is a novel of suspense with unexpected twists, intriguing characters, and fast-paced action. If you love a book (and series) that keeps you reading late into the night, then pick up Second Slice today.


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