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RELEASE DATE: 05/12/2020

Sleepless Mind

Audrey Walker

The second short story from the Shelby Griffin Mystery Series is out!
Detective Shelby Griffin is hot on the trail of a six-shooter-toting, Stetson-wearing vigilante who’s bringing chaos to the streets of LA, the city she hates. While he seems to have helped her to rescue her kidnapped partner the vigilante still has blood on his hands – and Shelby is determined to bring him to justice for it. But she’s sidetracked from her mission when a silent killer begins to stalk the streets of Los Angeles. A disease right out of the Middle Ages is coming to kill the homeless people of the city, and someone brought it here deliberately. Someone who is bent on killing tens of thousands.
As Shelby and her partner Morris race to stop the spread of the disease, she learns that the stakes have never been higher. And amid chasing after this twisted criminal, Shelby will be brought face to face with her mysterious nemesis for the very first time. She’s not sure what he wants. She’s not sure where he comes from. But somehow, she’s going to stop him, no matter the cost. The plot thickens around LA’s most reluctant detective as she strives to bring peace to the city in this second installment of the Shelby Griffin Mysteries.


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