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RELEASE DATE: 05/21/2020

Steamy Hot Sweetheart Collection

Tia Wylder

The Steamy Hot Sweetheart Collection is a collection of two full standalone HEA romance stories!
Warning: these alpha male billionaire romance stories might generate enough heat to melt your kindle. Make sure you are prepared.

Books included:
Fire Me Sweetheart
Save Me Sweetheart

Book 1: Fire Me, Sweetheart (story of Jennifer & Xander)
Jennifer Wilson is a desperate woman — desperate for a job and desperate to provide financially for her mother’s cancer treatments. And that desperation brings her to XSocial, the massive social media company that wouldn’t even look twice at someone like her. She has no qualifications, barely any experience, but somehow, she scores an interview. Jen figures it must be a miracle and she’s desperate to take advantage of it, even when it seems the odds aren’t in her favor.

Then in walks the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on, Xander Michellan., the founder and CEO of XSocial. She’s taken aback by his presence and, when she gets the job, Jen wonders if he’s as perfect on the inside as he is on the outside. She doesn’t have to wonder long, however, because Xander Michellan doesn’t hesitate to show his true colors at her first meeting, forcing her to work overtime… As a result, she’s plunged into a marketing campaign that surrounds Xander himself and Jen can’t hide the fact that she’s attracted to him, much to her annoyance.

But maybe he isn’t all that he seems and, with a few more stolen moments in the elevator, Jen might come to see the man beneath it all.

Book 2: Save Me, Sweetheart (story of Crystal & Mark)
As a new hire at Black Hawk Security, Crystal Fey needs work experience to move up the rank. She volunteered to patrol a billionaire’s wedding with hope that she could gain some experience and meet potential future clientele. Unfortunately, while she was playing with her taser, she accidentally fired it off and hurt an important guest, Mark Gooden, heir of a billionaire. To make up for her mistake, she has agreed to protect Mark while he was figuring out who kept stealing their corporate secrets. All was under control until she realized that she underestimated her attraction for Mark and it was already too late…


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