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RELEASE DATE: 04/24/2020

Straight Cut

Dani Wyatt

I fell in love with her the second she pointed that rifle at my head.

When she threatened to put a bullet between my eyes, I knew I had to have her. She reminds me of one of those animated princesses, with white-blond hair to her waist, curves that make it hard to walk straight and ice-blue eyes that told me…I’d found the one.

I never thought much about why I waited…you know, the big ‘V’ sort of waited…but now I know. She will be my first. She will be my last. I will give her everything—and then a little more.

Only, someone else is after what belongs to me and he’ll go to any lengths to take back what he believes is rightfully his. But he will have to go through me first.

And that ain’t gonna happen.

Author’s Note: This isn’t your standard issue, double V card romance. These two are fierce, independent and when this lumber-hunk throws her over his shoulder and carries her home, well…let’s just say in the heat of what happens next, all those V cards turn to ash. It’s safe, insta-hot, insta-love with all the sticky sweet happily ever after you expect.


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