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RELEASE DATE: 05/26/2020

Stray Witch

Eva Alton

• Clueless Witch Meets Quirky Vampire •
Alba is about to lose everything during an awful divorce… until she meets The Vampires of Emberbury, who have a very interesting proposition for her. She will get to know Clarence, a vampire gentleman who thinks cloaks and top hats are still in fashion…
Soon Alba is about to find out that, sometimes, the scariest monster isn’t the one with fangs…
A story about a lost witch recovering her self-esteem, a seemingly cheerful vampire with a tortured past, and finding love in the most unexpected of places.
Stray Witch is a story of vampires and witches… and much more. It tells the story of an atypical heroine overcoming a terrible mistake, intertwined with a slow-burn romance with lots of chemistry and quick-witted remarks. This Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy will delight Magical Realism and Paranormal Women’s Fiction readers alike.
Stray Witch is the first book in the series but can also be read as a standalone story.


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