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RELEASE DATE: 10/10/2019

Sweet Curvy Heat

Sara Hazel

An Alpha Older Man Younger Curvy Woman Romance Collection by the Queen of Curves, Sara Hazel!
This collection includes three standalone Instalove BBW romance stories:
Sweet Sugar Baby
Sweet Release
Sweet Ride



I’m a powerful man
who likes to take care
of those less fortunate than me.
And when I find Amber
on a Sugar Baby website
I just can’t help myself.
Her curves and smile
drive me into a primal frenzy.
I must have her.
But will she allow me
to make all her problems


Sugar Baby.
It sounds crazy,
but that’s what I’ve become
for one of the most
powerful men in the country.
I’m not used to anyone
wanting my company this much,
let alone paying for the privilege.
But soon I’ll find myself in a position
where letting this man take care of me
is the only way I can survive.
It doesn’t hurt that he’s got a wicked smile
and muscles everywhere…

Bree Daniels has always
been the one.
But life for in my way
and I had to leave her.
But I’ve never stopped wanting her
and never stopped loving her.
Now I’m back
and I want to make Bree my wife,
but will she accept my explanation
and let me take her in my arms
once again?

He broke my heart
when he disappeared,
but now he’s back
and he says that he wants me
forever this time.
Michael is my soulmate.
We finish each other’s sentence,
read each other’s minds.
A connection like that is rare,
but does it mean I can trust him?
I want to give myself to him,
if only I can be sure he’ll stay.
I feel safe and warm in his embrace…



The leader of the Moon Panthers
Motorcycle Club came to my door
to threaten my brother.
And then he promised he would
come back for me.
The way he looked at me– like he was going
to devour me– it made me weak in the knees.
And now I need him, and I can’t stop
thinking about this man from a rival club.
My father would disown me if he knew
what I felt for this man!

What I feel for Skylar Dean
is deliciously wrong.
The Pitchforks and Moon Panthers
have been at war for five years,
but that won’t stop me from claiming
this daughter of the Pitchforks
as my own. I hunger for her,
can’t stop thinking about her.
I’m totally obsessed and will protect her
no matter who I have to hurt
to keep her safe.

These standalone short romances are steamy, sweet, and might make your heart race, so be careful! It’s filled with hot love scenes, sweetness, over the top romance, and two people with a deep love connection. It might be a little “cheesy”, but that’s how I like it! Instalove is lots of fun :).
Sara Hazel is the Queen of curves who brings you several new romance stories a month.

–BBW Romance
–Billionaire Romance
–Motorcycle Club Romance
–Enemies to Lovers
–Older Man Younger Curvy Woman

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