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RELEASE DATE: 03/26/2020

Sweet Hearts

Katy Paige

From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery, now writing wholesome romance as Katy Paige…

Erik Lindstrom hates white picket fences…and weddings…and promises of happily-ever after. A confirmed bachelor, he has no use for romantic love, no trust in it. After watching his parents’ marriage collapse, he’s vowed to avoid the same anguish himself. His fiercely protective nature has drawn him to a career in law enforcement, but he’s managed to keep himself (and his heart) safe…until now.

Katrin Svenson’s ex won’t stop stalking her. He harasses her daily, his threats escalating, until her only option is to escape in secret, her safety in the hands of Erik, her handsome (but annoyed) protector. Katrin’s drawn to Erik from their first hello, but he won’t allow himself fall for her sunny smile…initially, at least.

As sparks fly between them, growing hotter and hotter, the ice surrounding Erik’s heart starts to melt away. But a Katrin’s history is quietly catching up with the young lovers, determined to tear them apart, and destroy their chance at a sweet forever.


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