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RELEASE DATE: 01/23/2020

Sweet Mountain Valentine

Sara Hazel

An older Alpha mountain man younger curvy woman romance for Valentine’s Day!


My boyfriend broke up with me

and I need to get away,

so I’ve come to my grandfather’s mountain cabin

only to find it’s been sold to Aidan —

a true Mountain Man if ever I saw one.

Aidan is the kind of guy my best friend warned me about,

but even though I know I should take her advice

and get off this mountain,

I can’t help but allow Aidan

to draw me out of my innocence

and turn me into the wild woman

he knows I can be…


One look is all it takes

and I know that Elyse will be mine.

She’s wandered to my mountain

the day before Valentine’s Day.

That can’t be a coincidence.

She’s meant for me

and I’m meant for her.

She might not see it yet,

but she will. I’m the perfect guy

to show her there’s

still magic left in this world.


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