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RELEASE DATE: 03/18/2020

Tempted by a Sinner

A.G. Henderson

She was a craving I couldn’t shake…

Famous last words: I have a plan.
Start my business. Stay out of trouble. Keep my secrets.
But nothing in all my careful planning accounted for him.
A dangerous biker.
A stalwart protector.
A valiant knight clad in leather instead of armor.
So yeah, I had a plan.
Except trouble didn’t bother knocking on the door.
Trouble strode straight into my life on a cloud of sweet temptation that made me forget why this was a bad idea.

The new girl in town should be none of my business, especially with the giant chip on her shoulder.
I already have a purpose.
I should be dealing with the club’s latest enemies. Fulfilling a promise I made years ago.
Not extracting her smiles.
Not savoring her laughter.
Not marking her body as mine.
But I am a Sinner, after all.
And temptation has never looked this good.


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