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RELEASE DATE: 12/01/2020

The Christmas Proposition: Christmas of Love Collaboration

Mika Jolie

Could my fake fiancé be my Christmas miracle?

What’s a girl to do when the man who dumped her for bright lights and big city dreams comes home with his new fiancée for Christmas?
If you’re me, you ask your hot, tattooed, sexy firefighter best friend to be your pretend fiancé.
It’s the perfect plan.
But in Santa Claus, Indiana around Christmas, things are never that simple.
As best friends, Dax and I have made it through braces, breakouts, and bad breakups. Can we survive faking a relationship when there’s spiked eggnog, mistletoe magic, a roaring fire, and very real feelings involved?

The Christmas Proposition is a heartwarming, feel good, friends-to-lovers, fake fiancé Christmas romance guarantees to light up your holiday season. Escape with us to Santa Claus, Indiana, celebrate the holidays, small-town traditions, and this magical time of year.

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