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RELEASE DATE: 05/25/2020

The Devil’s Pit

Naomi Martin

A Vampire, a Shifter, and an Elemental walk into a bar…
Okay, I’m kidding. This isn’t the set up for some bad joke. This is the set up for my life in a world that has gone mad.
After my parents were murdered in cold blood, I took to the streets alone. I hid in fear of my life, keeping my head down and harnessing my powers. That only worked for so long. Eventually, I was caught and brought to the worst place on Earth…The Devil’s Pit.
It’s a supernatural prison camp with one purpose – to take advantage of and experiment on those gifted with supernatural abilities. Prisoners are nothing more than fleshy guinea pigs that are victims of assault, inhumane testing, psychological abuse, and eventually… execution.
If I’m going to survive this genocide, I’ll need help…And that’s where the Vampire, Shifter, and Elemental come in.
Zane, Gray, and Elliot are 3 badass and ruggedly handsome supernatural beings. They unlock something within me that I’ve never felt before, and our bond is only growing stronger. With all four of us together, I think we have a fighting chance at surviving…
My name is Raven, and this is my story.
(LOCK DOWN ⚠: This 100,000 word paranormal reverse harem romance contains sizzling hot scenes, a 5-star story line, an HEA ending, and a stronger-than-life female protagonist. Mature Audience Only!)


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