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The Salvatores Collection

Ethan Egorov

Are you ready to go for a ride with the Steel Saviors MC?

Never Forgotten
She’s back in town—just in time to jump back into the fire.
Kristina was once mine.
We were meant to be forever.
Until we weren’t.
For years, I whispered her name, recalled her smile, and remembered her scent.
Even as new women entered my life, Kristina never left my mind.
As the calendar turned to my birthday and a new year with the Salvatore family, I was about ready to give up hope.
But then she returned.
She still had the same smile, the same scent, and the same presence.
But not all is as it seems.
She’s different now—more mysterious, more confident, and more… confusing.
So confusing, in fact, I’m not even sure whose side she’s on anymore.

Never Truthful
Kristina’s mine again—but I’m not the only one trying to claim her.
We’re supposed to be on vacation in Las Vegas. We’re supposed to be getting closer. I’m supposed to use this time to show her I love her.
But funny story—the flashing lights and endless shows in Sin City hide a shady underbelly.
And wouldn’t you know it, Kristina has some connections to that part of Vegas. And those connections have been searching for her for a long, long time.
I don’t know what’s going to happen if they get to her. But I do know this—they’ll have to kill me to reach her.
After all, I already claimed her.

Never Remembered
Kristina’s finally mine forever—but our pasts just won’t let us be together.
I asked her to marry me. She said yes. I was on top of the world, preparing a wedding and planning our future family.
And now it’s all falling apart.
Family members are falling ill. Old rivals refuse to kick the bucket. And unexpected enemies seem to pop up out of nowhere.
I don’t know how it’s going to end. But there’s one thing I know. I’m tired of everyone trying to keep us apart.
I don’t care what the past says. I will make her mine forever


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