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The Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set – Book 1-3 + Novella

India Kells

The Sanctuary Chronicles – In a world of werewolves, witches and vampires, everyone can be friend or foe, but only place is truly safe: The Sanctuary.
Three witches, three friends, confronted to their worst fears. Meet Valeria, Sera and Violet as they battle dark magic with surprising, handsome allies. This box set by India Kells containing books 1–3, + a bonus novella for you to enjoy!

Broken Magic: When a powerful witch of a legendary family is cursed, her powers wreaking havoc around her, she must turn her back to her old life and flee. But one werewolf won’t forget that she had accidentally killed his sister, determined to find her and make her pay.
Blind Magic: Orphan Sera Dover’s entire world revolves around magical knowledge and her precious grimoires. She wants nothing more than to leave behind her sad past and focus on the future—a hope that is quickly dashed when she is struck by illness just as the most dangerous threat she’s ever faced comes barreling through the door and a dark shifter who wants nothing to do with her.
Dead Magic: As one of the oldest vampires to walk the earth, Finn O’Malley has lived long enough and is now ready to put an end to it all, to seek solace in oblivion. Just as he makes the decision to disappear, the only woman who ever stirred his curiosity, and the one woman he should avoid, calls for his help. He could never deny the fiery Violet, not when her life is on the line.
NOVELLA Hidden Magic: Magic is everywhere and even more so during Christmas. Kat could never have imagined that despite being a fugitive, a freak of nature, and telepath, love would appear in the form of werelynx Brant. Hope flared for the future, but darkness was just biding its time…


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