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RELEASE DATE: 03/29/2020

Under Lockdown

Jamie Knight

My boss and I are stuck together.
But he wants me to keep working for him in more ways than one.

I’ve always had a crush on my hot, rich boss.
But he’s too much of a workaholic to pay me any attention.
Or so I think.
Until a city-wide order announces that we all have to stay in place.
And my boss and I are the only ones at the office.
He lets me know he admires my curvy figure.
And that the quarantine means he can’t go to his normal club.
Or indulge in his usual kinky proclivities.
Unless I’m willing to help him out.
He says it’ll help him work better and we can win our case.
But secretly I’m excited to be of service to him, in any way he needs.
I especially want him to take my virginity.
Yet he says he has to get me good and ready first.
As each day of quarantine drags on, he teases me more and more.
I want him so badly I could scream.
I also think I’m falling for him and that it’s mutual.
But am I just being naïve?

It’s supposed to be a temporary arrangement.
But when the lockdown is lifted, will we still be under each other’s spell?

Under Lockdown is a standalone romance novella with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a very happily ever after.

A note from Jamie: Because you’re likely under lockdown, you deserve something HOT to help you pass the time while you stay home and stay healthy. I guarantee this book will push all your buttons and hit the right spot. Enjoy!


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