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RELEASE DATE: 03/12/2020

Urban Mystic Academy

Jennifer Rose McMahon

Finding the lost book of spells seemed like a major win, but the missing pages proved more disastrous than anyone could have realized.

Brynn’s supernatural skills continue to develop as she races to help the UMAs end the centuries-long curse on their town. Disrupting the past would have unknown consequences that could change their lives forever, and Brynn must navigate the complexities of the portal without wiping the UMAs out.

FOURTH PROJECT: Reverse the Curse

With guidance from the New Witch Trifecta at the academy, the UMAs are mentored through the use of spells, incantations, and summonings, granting them more power than ever before. But the rival clan led by the Dark Witch holds the final power they seek and is far from willing to share it.

Will the UMAs figure out how to pull together in a time when they are falling apart or will history claim its ominous past as written and sealed?

One-click to embark on this riveting adventure with the supernaturals of the Urban Mystic Academy.


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