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RELEASE DATE: 03/31/2020

Voodoo Burning

Nadine Catalano

VOODOO Burning
Ignatius Beauchamp, plantation heir.
Dominique Chavelle, descendant of a powerful voodoo priestess.
As Mardi Gras approaches, women are being slaughtered and burned sacrificial style, each murder another of the 7 Deadly Sins. Three murders, Three unidentitified women, fourteen days until Mardi Gras. The race is on.
Somehow Ignatius and Dominique are connected, the killer has them in their sights leaving horrible momentos at the plantation house for them.
Lost in the dark passion that consumes them, can the detective figure out the clues the killer leaves?
Can Ignatius keep Dominique safe? Or will he make one fatal mistake that will cost him everything?


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