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RELEASE DATE: 06/10/2020

Watching the Dead

Wendy Cartmell

High above Chichester, clinging to the wall of the Cathedral, sits a gargoyle. Watching. Let’s hope you don’t catch his eye… because Halloween just turned deadly!

A mysterious and disturbing tale of psychic suspense. A British horror thriller, perfect for fans of John Connolly, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Stephen Leather and Peter James.

After Jo’s last case, the dead are screaming no longer and have the peaceful rest they deserve. But can Jo get Byrd back on-side? Or does he no longer have her back?

Soon Jo is thrust back into another case. A man calling himself The Watcher is terrorising young women in Chichester. He rapes them in the hope of getting them pregnant. He leaves behind his signature at the crime scenes, pumpkins with enigmatic messages pinned to them.

The only flaw in his plan is that all the pregnant women have abortions. Or do they?
Can there be a child born from this fallen angel’s seed?
And can Jo and Byrd find not just the killer…
But the happiness they both deserve?

This is the third in a new series following Jo Wolfe, a detective who developed psychic abilities after a riding accident. Wendy Cartmell is well known for her bestselling, chilling crime thrillers and Sgt Major Crane mysteries. Several of them have ghostly and psychic elements and wanting to develop these themes further, she decided it was time she wrote a supernatural suspense series.


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