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RELEASE DATE: 04/27/2020

Why I Still Hate You

Monica Bolt

All the reasons why I still hate you:

Reason #1: You’re the biggest bully ever.
Reason #2: You’re the best kisser ever.
Reason #3: Forget it. I can’t even say this one.

Grayson Anderson is the reason why I’m holding a pregnancy test in my hands.
How could I have been so stupid?
The guy bullied and tormented me for years in high school.
Then ten years later, I just… fall into his bed?
In my defense, I was wasted.
Wasted out of my mind.
My brain was clearly not functioning.
Being pregnant means that I’m tied to my sworn enemy for the rest of eternity.
My fate is dependent on this stupid stick that I just peed on.
So, is it going to be two lines or one?

This series is so crazy, it’s messed up. Brace yourself for a whole lot of heat, a satisfying HEA, no cheating, and absolutely no cliffhangers


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