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RELEASE DATE: 02/23/2020

Witch & Prowl

Corrine Winters

I’ve prepared my whole life for my vision ceremony on the day of my 18th birthday.
It was the worst disappointment of my life.

Seriously, witches look forward to this one moment ever since they realize what being a witch is all about.

I was going to use my vision to do great things after I graduated from Thistle Charm Academy. I wanted to take my rightful place in my coven. But with the vision I got, I’ll probably just end up cleaning brooms and serving drinks.

Until I find out that my vision may have been tampered with.

Someone, somewhere doesn’t want me to be the great witch I know I’m going to be. They’re trying to throw me off course. Of course, no one believes me. So I’m going to have to find the truth myself.

That means sneaking around, lying to my teachers and parents, and getting myself in lots of danger.


Brace yourself, Thistle Charm Academy.
Things are about to get very, very bloody.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Harry Potter in this sweet paranormal upper YA young adult romance series. Packed with adventure, intrigue, mystery, romance, and characters you’ll fall in love with.


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