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Baby Daddy Rescue


Review By:Gwen Shafer
This is the first book that I have read from these two and I absolutely loved it. Kaylie Hale has a plan. A certain plan that she should have reached by now since she is almost 30 for her life. But the problem is she just cant seem to find the right guy. Too bad that guy has been there the whole time. Aiden is her best friend. Has been there for everything . He is the one that rescues her when she has a bad date. But he doesn’t realize until it might be to late that she is all he needs and wants. But will he end up screwing it up all in one moment?

I loved the chemistry between Aiden and Kaylie. You can easily see that these two are great as best friends and can be even better as more. But what they go through to realize it. Wow some of the time I was on the floor laughing especially when she hits him with her purse. I just couldn’t stop laughing when I read what she had in it.

These two are amazing writers together and I am so glad that I decided to read this one. Highly recommend and I cant wait to read more from these two

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