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Beholden (Carmel Cove #1)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

Dr Rebecca Sharp is a new author to me and I absolutely loved the first book in the Carmel Cove series. Beholden is filled with mystery, love, loss and so much more.

Laurel Ocean left Carmel Cove after the death of both her parents, but the death of her grandfather brought her back. She wanted to leave direct after the funeral. Nothing is keeping her in Carmel Cove. Her grandfather left her the family’s coffee shop and more. She didn’t expect it.

Selling everything seems like the only option to Laurel. She just wants to leave ASAP. The coffee shop needs to be fixed because her grandfather didn’t do any repairs the last few years and there was an incident. Laurel will be staying in Carmel Cove a bit longer.

Eli Downing fell in love with Laurel the moment he met her. He promised to protect her and to be there for her if she needs him. He offered to get the coffee shop fixed and get it ready to be sold. The feeling of knowing that she doesn’t want to stay hurts him, but he respects her decision.

Will Laurel change her mind or will she leave Carmel Cove for good? Can Eli convince her to stay?

The loss of a family member is not easy. Appreciate the people that you love before it’s too late. I loved the whole idea of the story and in some parts I could relate.

It is a MUST READ.

Official release date: 12 May 2020 – Preorder Now.

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