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Beloved (The Carmel Cove Series #5)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

The Carmel Cove series never disappoint and the Fifth Installment has just confirmed it, once again. It is said that the series has come to an end, but luckily the journey of some of the characters will continue in other books.

Dr. Rebecca Sharp is an amazing author and her writing skills are perfect. The setting, plot, and characters in all the books from the Carmel Cove series are well-written.

Gwen Reynolds is always willing to help others and support them in everything. She loaned her car to a man in need without really knowing him. He returned her car and after that, she didn’t have any contact with him. He decided to return to Carmel Cove and he is her new neighbor as well. She hopes that he will remember her.

Chevy McIntyre has returned to Carmel Cove to find the person responsible for the death of his fiancée. He only wants to focus on the case and wants to avoid any distractions. Gwen doesn’t make it easy for him. She is always there and he can’t deny that there is something between them.

I loved the story of Gwen and Chevy. It was an emotional and exciting journey.

And what a great ending …

We must never give up on anyone.

Beloved can be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend that you read the series from the start. It will make the story even more clear.

It is a MUST READ.

Official release date: 1 July 2021

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