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Bespoken (Carmel Cove #2)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

Dr Rebecca Sharp did an amazing job with the second installment to the Carmel Cove series. Bespoken is filled with so many secrets, lies and family drama.

Jules Vandelsen comes from one of the wealthiest families in Carmel Cove. Her parents are the owners of the biggest resort, Rock Beach Resort, and they will do anything to protect their legacy. Image is everything to her family.

Mick Madison is a simple carpenter and he will do anything for the people he loves. The moment he saw Jules, he couldn’t stop thinking about her and after the incident at Roasters he knew that he must protect her. The truth about the incident haunts him and he wants to tell Jules, but he must keep the secret for as long as possible to keep her safe.

I loved the story of Jules and Mick. They come from two different worlds, but their feelings for each other are stronger.

Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Bespoken can be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend that you read Beholden before starting with the second installment.

It is a MUST READ.

Official release date: 10 September 2020 – Preorder Now.

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