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Blood and Bone (Blood and Bone #1)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

Blood and Bone has had me on an incredible journey in the life of a famous Rock star and a journalist. It consists of both the past and present life of Jack O’Donnell.

Paula Dombrowiak is a new author and Blood and Bone is her debut novel. I received an ARC from her for an honest review. I will definitely read more of her work in the future. Blood and Bone is well-written, easy to read and a page-turner book. Hooked from the first chapter.

Jack O’Donnell and Mia Stone left their hometown at a very young age to pursue a music career in a popular city. Their journey had brought them closer together and at the same time pushed them further away from one another. Both of them had made some difficult decisions. Decisions that have tested their friendship and that also led them on unexpected paths.

Erin Langford is a seasonal journalist and she was appointed to do an inside story on Jack’s life. Jack first rejected to do an interview, but Erin was just at the right place to get him to agree. Jack takes Erin back to his past and his unique relationship with Mia. He takes her from way before he got famous. The interview with Erin is unique, because we read more of the life of Erin as well. The main focus is not only on Jack during the interview.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Bound to Burn.

An absolute must read for Music and Romance lovers.

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