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Break You – (Boys of Trinity Hall Book 1)


Review By:Gwen Shafer
Wow what a storyline. I was not expecting this one at all. I was not expecting what happened in this book at all. This was so well written and so unique of a storyline. I absolutely loved every single page turning moment. Had me hooked from the beginning to end. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the book. Wanted to throw my kindle at some points in the storyline. Xavier what a character. He has an evil side and a soft side but let me say the evil side holy cow. He is seeking revenge against an old friend. He finds the perfect person to do that with. Rocky is the perfect character. I absolutely love her. She is just trying to do what she can to survive and make it through college. Until she meets Xavier and things start to happen. Strange things start to happen. But at the same time she is falling for him. But little does she know that he is using her. I absolutely loved the twists and turns in this story. The suspense was off the charts amazing. The chemistry between these two was off the charts hot. This was a great book about two amazing characters. I absolutely love the bully storyline. Just an altogether amazing must read

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