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Breaking The Chains (Satan’s Knights Prospect Trilogy)


Review By:Gwen Shafer

Wow. I really don’t think Janine could write a better book than this one. This one is off the charts amazing from beginning to end. I absolutely love Bishop. There is just something about his character that you absolutely fall in love with. Whether it be the way he acts and loves his son or the love he has toward Charlotte., which is off the charts.
I have been looking forward to Bishop’s story. Counting down the days until I could read it and Janine does not disappoint one bit. Bishop is a man fighting for not only his freedom but for his son’s freedom from the monster he lives with. Charlotte has her own past that she is dealing with and because of this when she starts to work Bishop’s case she is even more determined to bring Bishop and his son back together. She literally goes to lengths you would not think the average person like this would go too. Charlotte really doesn’t know Bishop besides what she is learning from her visits to the jail and through other people. But she is willing to do what is needed to build a family back together.
This was an emotional book at times. I did not put it down once I started. I had to know what was going to happen with these three. Connor is such a precious little boy that you cant help but want to reach into the book and hug. But at the same time this storyline does deal with some very heavy stuff. It is raw and rough, which is exactly what you get from Janine if you want a good book. This is a book you need to one click. If you haven’t read any from Janine before this is the one to grab. Highly recommend.

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