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Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is the first one that I have read in this series. Hold on because I was emotional through this one. What a storyline. I absolutely loved Logan and Joey. Joey has had feelings for Logan for a long time. One misunderstanding and she leaves without explaining why. She ends up coming back to town for her friends wedding. Having to face Logan isn’t easy for her because she still has feelings for him and doesn’t know how he feels about her. There are a ton of secrets between them. Once Joey finds out all of these secrets will she stay or will she run back to Florida? This book was amazing from beginning to end. Lex had me hooked with these two. The chemistry is amazing and everything that they go through together and separate is absolutely breath taking. I love how these two handle everything. A few scary moments which only add to this wonderful book. Highly recommend. I will be reading the other two in this series to find out what goes on with the other characters

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