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Cannon: Cerberus MC Book 12


Review By:Gwen Shafer

I have to say this one was interesting. Cannon the bosses son, the guy with the biggest jokes, the one with the best pick up lines. Doesn’t have the right words to hook the girl. I absolutely loved these two from beginning to end. Rivet and Cannon were quite the pair. Rivet is the first girl in the Cerberus MC. The first girl to go on missions with them. The first girl to be treated like one of them. But she doesn’t know how to take it. Then Cannon hits on her right from the beginning. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. But he slowly breaks her down. But will things work out between these two? Will Cannon become a man and show Rivet that he is different? Will Rivet prove herself and see that Cannon is the guy for her and that things can work out between them? Marie did an amazing job with this couple. It was interesting and intense from beginning to end. I absolutely loved how she was the first woman and Marie wrote her story amazingly. These books just keep getting better and better.

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