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Christmas Captive


Review By:Gwen Shafer
Second one in this amazing series and just has good if not a little better than the first one. I am loving this series. It is full of amazing characters and a mind blowing suspenseful gripping storyline. This one is about FBI Agent Chloe and how she is dealing with the tragedy event that happened in her life. That is intensified when she has to start a case that involves her ex Fin. Fin ends up saving a girl that was kidnapped. Which brings him and Chloe back together. But there is a lot of tension between these two. Will it affect the case? Will it end up putting Chloe in harm’s way? I absolutely loved this storyline. It was off the charts full of suspense on who was the kidnapper and what was going to happen next. Jane knows how to write a book that keeps you gripped and engaged in the story. I cant wait to read more from her. Highly recommend this series.

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