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Code 11- KPD SWAT Box Set


Review By:Gwen Shafer

All of my favorite books from Lani lynn Vale in one box set. I absolutely love the KPD SWAT man and woman. There are some very unique couples and storylines between the pages of these books.

Book One Center Mass.This is the second time I have read this one and I loved it just as must as if I was reading it for the first time. Luke just wants to forget. Move on with his life with his daughter and forget about the past. But then Reese comes crashing into his life and things aren’t that easy. Reese is trying to move on as well from her ex. She wants to raise her daughter and be happy. But her ex wont let things go so easily. I absolutely loved the hot sexy chemistry between Luke and Reese. You can easily see that these two along with their daughters belong together. This amazing storyline is full of steamy hot moments, moments where you stop breathing and moments where I wanted to throw my kindle. But Lani gave me a book I can read over and over again easily. Highly recommend reading about Luke and Reese.

Book two Double Tap.Nico and Georgia. Another great storyline. It was full of humor, intrigue, heartbreak and happiness. I absolutely love the relationship between these two. There is undeniable chemistry that helped these two to build a very strong and everlasting foundation to their relationship. This couple has such a unique relationship you cant help but love reading this one. It was gripping from beginning to end. Nico and Georgia give you quite the story to read. Another great couple in this series.

Book Three Bang Switch.This is about Downy and Memphis. Downy is a member of the Kilgore Police Department and Swat Team. He ends up meeting Memphis by way of saving her. Then these two realize they are neighbors. That is when things start to get interesting. Because during an interesting night something happens with the wall between Downy’s bedroom and Memphis’s bedroom. After that incident these two really start to become something. But the age difference is kindof holding Downy back. I absolutely loved watching these two get together. It was an enjoyable addition to this series. Lani Lynn Vale knows how to bring you in and keep you hooked with two great characters and a great storyline. Absolutely loved this one.

Book four Execution Style.This one is about Miller and Mercy. This one I have to admit was a little rough to get through. This one covers a very tough subject for me. But Lani writes it in a great way. She covers the subject with gentleness and gives Mercy the power to overcome what happens to her. Miller is there for Mercy from the beginning when everything goes down. Miller is a playboy not looking for a relationship but Mercy brings out his protective instinct. Mercy asks Miller for his help with something. Something that will change everything between them. Will Miller stay or walk away? I absolutely loved reading this storyline with these two characters. You can easily see how strong Mercy is and how alpha of a male Miller is. This was a great addition to this series. My favorite in the series.

Book five Charlie Foxtrot.This one is about Foster and Blake. Blake doesn’t like Foster from the very beginning. He has a bad attitude because of what happened to him. His life is changed doing what he does best saving people.
He goes around giving people tickets left and right. He gave Blake’s grandfather one and she comes to the police station to do something about it. But once she meets him things start to change.
Blake ends up going to work for the police department as a dispatcher. So she in a way works with Foster. But for some reason Foster doesn’t want anything to do with her and Blake doesn’t understand why. He keeps people at a distance and does his job. But Blake entered his life like a Hurricane and changed everything for him. But can Blake see beyond his disability? I absolutely loved Blake and how she reacts when it comes to Foster. She doesn’t overreact, judge or stare. She wants to understand and be there for him.
Chemistry between these two is off the charts hot. I absolutely loved the banter and funny moments these two share with each other. This was a storyline about not being perfect but still being loved. An absolute page turner. A great addition to this series.

Book six Kill Shot. Bennett and Lennox are an amazing couple. Bennett is raising his daughter on his own and his a police officer and part of the swat team. He meets Lennox at the hospital when he has to be bandaged up. These two really do not hit it off. Lennox is a feisty physician assistant. Something about her pulls him to her and after another incident at the hospital Lennox ends up meeting his daughter when she throws something at her. From that moment on after Bennett sees how Lennox handles it he wants to see where things can go between them. But Lennox doesn’t want a relationship. She agrees to friends with benefits. But then something happens and Lennox will do whatever it takes to protect Bennett and his daughter. I absolutely was surprised with this one. I did not see it going the way it did. Bennett was all in whereas Lennox was not. I was shocked at this. I figured it was going to be the other way.
But reading this storyline and watching these two fight for each other and their relationship is absolutely amazing. I loved these two and the storyline. Lani did an amazing job writing this one. I loved how it plays out. I absolutely loved how she throws suspense into this one to keep you hooked until the end. And seriously that is what got me hooked was the characters and the suspense. I had to know what was going to happen. Another great addition to this series. It just keeps getting better and better.

Book seven Coup De Grace. I have to say this one was quite interesting from the get go. Michael is not who you think he is. He is a private guy who keeps things to himself. He falls for Nikki who is the perfect girl that he shouldn’t fall for. Michael ends up going to a call that changes his thinking. Him and Nikki give each other a chance. But one person keeps getting in the way. That person I could not stand. She was plain and simple just evil. Lani wrote her character amazingly. She was the person no one liked or wanted around and her character was perfect. I absolutely loved Michael and Nikki and how they fought to be together. There was a lot between these two that they needed to work through. I could not believe everything that goes down between these two. This was a very gripping intense storyline. I loved every intense page turning moment.

An absolute amazing series from the first book to the last. I love that Lani put these all together in one set. You will fall in love with each couple and their story. Plus you get a little bonus at the end. Highly recommend reading these and enjoying each and every storyline and couple.

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