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Complete Balls


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is an absolute amazing series. I loved each and every one of the books in this series. Andie writes about some amazing characters and each character has an amazing story to tell. Not only do you get to laugh while reading this book, but there are some touching moments also. Just an overall great series. I highly recommend reading this whole series.

Book one Balls. I read this book and I was glad that I did.. This book was fun to read. It has some suspense in it but lots of laughing moments. This is a very well written nice paced book. Not to long but not to short. Camille Turner is back in her hometown now an adult beginning her life. She is not at all ready to face the one person who treated her badly in high school. But things happen that changes all that. Those things make this book fun to read and very enjoyable. You meet her friend Beth and her other friend from school Jack. All of these characters together have some great chemistry. Absolutely loved what happens in this book how bad things come out good in the end. Will be reading the rest of the books that go with this one because I have a feeling those will be just as good. Highly recommend even if you just need a good laugh.

Book two Snow Balls.This was another well written book by Andie. This one was about Tyler Turner a 25 year old who needs to get a life of his own and grow up. His parents give him a push on his birthday he is being evicted. Has to be out in a few short months. I really liked this book it shows Tyler learning how to take responsibility not only for himself but for his actions especially when it comes to his friend Lindsay .Funny things happen along the way which makes this book even better .Highly recommend cant wait to read the next one. I also love the action between his mom and dad makes this book even funnier.

Book three New Balls Please. Absolutely loved this one. This is about Tim and Dora the parents who technically aren’t married but have been together forever. Both of their children have moved out and she has had enough. She packs up and takes a vacation. Tim thinks it is because of something he isn’t doing so he becomes an alpha male and tries to make her his submissive. This leads to a book full of humor that will have you laughing through most of the book. This is my favorite one in the Ball series so far. Again Andie has written an amazing fun book.

Book four Balls Fore. Andie has written an amazing book. This is the fourth one in the Balls series and I enjoyed this one the most. This is all about Beth and her son Trey. Beth is a single mom and has never told anyone who the father of her son is. She has raised Trey all by herself for three things and has done an amazing good. Until the one day life as she knows it changes in an instant. I love how well written this book was and how the subject was covered with love and humor. She did an amazing job writing about what happens between all parties involved. I loved how the added humor in this book makes the storyline even better. Come on chocolate penis how can you not giggle at that? Amazing character chemistry between all the characters. Again all the characters get along so well with each other in every book. I highly recommend this whole series to anyone that will enjoy some great humor and tender moments all involving some “balls”.

Book five Jingle Balls. I absolutely loved this one. This is all about the family Christmas. Hold on because this is a wild Christmas for this family. Dora always has a special Christmas but this year things aren’t going her way. But she is not going to let anyone stop her from having her Christmas. A little Elf on the shelf hidden in some homes, decorating for charity and talking to her husband like he has lost his mind and things work out or do they? I loved this one. I loved the characters. The storyline is just as amazing as it has been in all the books prior to this one. Andie has written an amazing series with these characters and this is a great addition to this series. Highly recommend reading.

Book six Curve Balls. I absolutely love the Ball books by Andie . Every single one of them is always very interesting and full of humor. I have to say that this one so far is maybe the best one. Dora (mom) is not feeling like herself. She believes that she might be pregnant but in fact that is not what it is. Tyler and his girl are going to have a baby and she is sick all most of the time. Cam and her husband never seem to have time for each other but need to plan a wedding. The happy moment in this is Beth when she decided to surprise everyone. But in the end all of them are surprised when things happen that you never show coming.
I absolutely love this very well written book from beginning to end. Once again Dora’s character is amazing in this book. She has so much strength no matter what is thrown at her and she is always there no matter what for her children. I absolutely love that she gets her happy ending so to speak during this one.
But then again all the characters in this book are always amazing to read about. There is such great character depth and humor while reading about what these characters go through. I cant wait to read more from these characters. I highly recommend not only reading this one but the whole series.

Book seven Birthing Balls. I absolutely loved this one. This is the last book in this series and it was absolutely amazing. This book is full of humor, tears and very special moments. Absolutely everything you would want in a book. It is very well written with great character chemistry. I absolutely love how all the characters get along with each other and share special moments together. My favorite character in all these books has been Dora. This one she is amazing. I absolutely love how she tries to make an evening for her and her husband and it goes the wrong direction. But that is one of the best part of this book. There are so many different amazing parts in this book. I absolutely love Andie and her writing. I honestly wish there were going to be more books from this family. I highly recommend grabbing this series. I guarantee you will laugh and cry and absolutely enjoy every page of these books.

Book eight Balls Up. The last book in this series and just as good as the first 7. I have absolutely loved this series. It is not only rolling on the floor funny, but there are touching moments in this series and moments you just cant forget. This one is all about Camille and Dylan’s wedding. They are finally getting married. But no worries things are going to happen. Andie writes such an amazing storyline. I loved every moment of this one. The characters keep you interesting in the storyline with the different funny things that they do. I honestly would love to be a part of this family because they have some fun. But a great ending to this whole series. Being able to see Camille and Dylan finally get married their way. Being able to see what has happened in everyone’s life. Highly recommend reading this whole series.

A great series with absolutely amazing characters. This series brought me to Andie Long and I have been a fan since. I absolutely loved being able to read this series and fall in love with this amazing family and friends. The Complete Balls series is amazing and I highly recommend it.

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